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Winter Water Sources Make Happy Birds!

While preparing for Winter make sure your bird bath heater is in the bath and working. If you don't have a heater, what are you waiting for? Providing water in the winter is a great way to attract birds that don't normally visit feeders, such as Bluebirds and Robins! 

You can add a heater to an existing bird bath if the bath is made from a material safe to leave out in the Winter. Metal, plastic, granite and some concrete baths are safe to leave out. We don't recommend using ceramic or glass baths during Winter months as even with a heater they may crack or break. 

We also have bird baths available with a built-in heater. The advantage of these are that there is not a heater blocking part of the bath and birds are more likely to get in and actually bathe, rather than just getting a drink. It is safe, and necessary, for birds to bathe in the Winter. They will not freeze and it helps clean their feathers to assist with preening and flight. 

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