Got Bluebirds?

Eastern Bluebird on Quickbite Feeder

Bluebirds have become more common backyard visitors

Many people are seeing bluebirds show up at their feeders and using nesting boxes in their yard.

Unfortunately, just putting out food will not make them appear. There are a number of factors that lead to bluebirds visiting your yard.

  • Habitat is the most important factor in attracting bluebirds to your yard. They often prefer open spaces with some deciduous trees nearby (oaks, maples & hickories).
  • During nesting season (March - August) bluebirds are secondary nesters, using old woodpecker cavities as natural nesting sites. This is what we are replicating with a nesting box.
  • During fall and winter months (November - February), when insects are scarce, they will often flock up and move in to yards and feed at bird feeders. This is a great time to entice them to stay and hopefully take up a nest box in the spring. 

Try offering the following foods to bring them in to your feeder:


Bluebirds love mealworms! Live worms work best during nesting season (March - August) and dried mealworms work best during the colder months (November - February)

Learn more about mealworms over at our Mealworm Page

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Sunflower Chips

Sunflower chips are oil sunflower seeds that have had the shell removed. This makes it easier for insect-eating birds (like bluebirds!) to feed from a traditional bird feeder. 

This is a great alternative if you're squeemish towards the mealworms.

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Suet (and Bark Butter)

Suet (and alternatively Bark Butter) is another great way to feed your bluebirds. Feed it from a simple cage your bluebirds can cling to, or smear it on a tree!

Suet comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but consider offering our SuperSuet. It is loaded with mealworms and premium beef suet, giving them the fat and protein they are looking for all year.

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Already have Bluebirds? Put out a nesting box!

EcoTough Bluebird House

Our EcoTough line of bird houses are made from recycled milk jugs in Wisconsin. They will never fade or rot and include all the features your birds are looking for: 

  • Fledgling ladder inside the box.
  • Ventilation to regulate heat.
  • Drainage holes on bottom

Two color schemes are available:

Cedar Bluebird House

Looking for something a little more natural? 

Our cedar bluebird house is locally made in Lancaster, OH. Cedar will weather naturally to a gray color, but the box will usually last 8 - 10 years. 

Includes all the features your bluebirds are looking for:

  • Fledgling ladder inside the box
  • Ventilation to regulate heat
  • Drainage holes on bottom

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Mount Your Bluebird House on a Sturdy Pole

APS Basic Mounting System

Our Advanced Pole System is easy to install and stable for your nesting family of bluebirds. The Boxed Mounting System includes:

  • 3' base pole with attached screw auger
  • 3' pole extension (total height 4.5' - 5' when installed)
  • Pole stabilizer
  • Flange to attach any nesting box

We recommend the nesting box be mounted 5' off the ground for ease of maintenance and regular checking. Pole extensions are available if your house needs to be higher.

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APS Raccoon Baffle

Keep unwanted predators out of your nest box with a Raccoon Baffle. 

For best performance mount the baffle 2" - 3" below the nest box.

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