Foundational Feeders

Give Birds a Reliable Food Source

You have your favorite places to eat, whether it’s a quick bite or a really nice meal. You trust and rely on them, never considering they might run out of food. Birds are similar. They constantly check their food sources. They may stay and eat a while or just grab a quick bite. But, they want to know they can rely on that food source when weather is good or bad or when times are abundant or lean.

So in order to meet your birds’ needs, it is important to have at least one foundational feeder that dependably provides food every day. Studies have demonstrated that a constant, and reliable source of supplemental food helps to improve the overall health and body condition of wild birds.

This foundational feeder should be able to accommodate many birds at one time like our hopper, tube or cylinder feeders. It should have a quality food that attracts the widest variety of birds like our No-Mess Blend or No-Mess Cylinder. It should hold enough food for at least 4 days giving birds a reliable food source, ensuring you’ll have more birds to watch! Be sure it works for you, too, by placing it where it is easy to fill and easy to see.

Having a foundational feeder in your yard that never goes empty is key to helping birds improve and maintain their overall health and helping you enjoy more birds. Visit our store to learn more about maintaining a foundational feeder in your backyard.


Recommended Foundational Feeders

The EcoTough® Ranchette Retreat

The EcoTough® Ranchette Retreat bird feeder is a fully functioning bird buffet that holds two gallons of seed and two suet cakes. The screen bottom lifts out for easy cleaning. The closed tray design helps to keep seed from falling to the ground. We recommend that the EcoTough® Ranchette Retreat only be pole-mounted due to its weight and size.

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Modern Rustic Classic Feeder

The Modern Rustic Classic Feeder features our classic hopper feeder design. The curved sides allow easy viewing of the birds. A removable screen bottom allows for easy cleaning. We recommend mounting the feeder on a pole due to it's size and weight, but it can be hung if you have a very sturdy pole or tree branch. The larger feeding area is ideal for Cardinals, Jays, Chickadees and your other seed-eating birds. 

Our Classic Feeder design is also available in our EcoTough® line.

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WBU Tidy Cylinder Feeder

Our WBU Tidy Cylinder Feeder is an easy-to-use foundational feeder that uses our seed cylinders. The tightly-packed cylinders of your favorite seeds just drop in the top of the feeder and it is ready to hang up. The wide roof adds protection from rain and snow, while the bottom tray helps catch any mess that may fall on the ground. Seed cylinders last longer than loose seed and offer longer views of your birds. 

The Tidy Cylinder Feeder comes in two sizes to accomodate our 2# and 5# seed cylinders.

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