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You Can Help Nesting Birds

When choosing a nesting site, a bird's primary consideration is location. Protection from predators and proximity to food is crucial to the success of a bird's offspring.

When food sources are abundant and easy to obtain, adult birds have time to select good nest sites and construct higher quality nests.
You can welcome nesting birds to your backyard by providing a proper nest box, nesting material and the right foods. Stop by the store for everything you need to help birds thrive this nesting season.

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Mounting Your Bird House 

Two things to keep in mind when deciding where to place your new bird house is space and predators.

  • Birds establish territories and will drive each other away from nesting boxes. For most backyard birds we recommend at least 20 ft. between your bird houses.
  • The house should also be at least 5 ft. off the ground and protected by a raccoon baffle (see the image below for a typical bluebird house setup). Raccoons and feral cats can be the most prevalent predators to young birds, so we want to keep them out of the nesting box.
  • The opening of the box should fast South or East to help prevent rain and cold winds from penetrating the box. 

For an easy-to-install pole consider our Advanced Pole System Basic Mounting Setup and Raccoon Baffle.

Bluebird House Setup          APS Basic Mounting Setup